Tile Cutting and Grooving

You are never limited by size or style when you choose Customed Tiles. Whether you’ve fallen in love with a larger tile and want the effect of small intricate tiles or you require all different sized tiles in your design, we’ll cut your tiles to suit. We also specialise in tile grooving. Using a large tile, we cut small grooves in the tile to create the appearance of multiple tiles.


Tile cutting gold coast

Tile Cutting Gold Coast

Customed Tiles are your tile cutting Gold Coast experts. Using precision cutting, we’ll cut down the tile or stone you want to reflect your design. Create a feature with tiles cut in different sizes or create the perfect herringbone effect with smaller tiles cut from a larger tiles.

You won’t need to compromise on your design. We will work with you to select the perfect tile or stone for your project from our almost limitless selection. Our in house tile cutting Gold Coast service, will then professionally cut your tiles the desired size.

Whether you are large building company needing hundreds of square metres of tiles cut or you are a homeowner needing a couple of boxes of tiles, cut we can get the job done.

Customed Tiles also specialises in mosaic tiles. We can cut tiles and stone to any shape and size to create feature mosaics pieces.

Make your tile design stand out. Talk to us about tile cutting to achieve the results you’re after.


Tile grooving Gold Coast


Tile Grooving (Dummy Mosaic) Gold Coast

Tile Grooving (also known as dummy mosaics) is a groovy way to give the illusion of lots of smaller tiles in a single big tile while keeping the tile intact. Tile grooving makes it easier to install, in less time and saves you money. It is the perfect method to cover larger areas around your pool and outdoor area.

The main benefit of Tile Grooving is in the cost saving. By simply grooving your tiles, you get the look of smaller tiles without the cost, and it is a lot quicker for your tiler to install the larger grooved tiles compared to many small tiles. After grouting, you’ll have the effect of smaller tiles laid together. Tile grooving will not compromise the quality or durability of the stone.

Customed Tiles will groove your tiles with precision, achieving the perfect design. Talk to us about how Tile Grooving can improve your design outcome.