Design Focused Pool Coping Tiles Gold Coast

While pool coping is necessary, it doesn’t need to be boring. Contact Customed Tiles – your pool coping tiles Gold Coast professionals, we manufacture pool coping tiles for the modern home.


Coping tiles Gold Coast

Coping Tiles – More than practicality

Coping tiles create the edge of your pool and conceal and protect the structural elements of your pool from water damage. The coping tile also provides a smooth, safe edge for swimmers and a non-slip surface to hang on to or for safely walking around the side of the pool.

As well as a practical safety feature, coping tiles can lift your pool design adding depth and definition. Coping tiles can create a standout feature of your pool or blend into the tiling in and around your pool.

We are your pool coping tiles Gold Coast professionals. Visit our showroom and choose from our huge range of pool coping tiles that we manufacture; or bring in your tiles that you purchased elsewhere, and we’ll cut them to size.

We work with any type of tile from natural stone, porcelain and ceramic at any thickness – 10mm to 40mm thick. Simply choose the profile you like, or if you want something a little different, we can custom make your profile to your design.


Coping tiles Gold Coast


Pool Profiles

To complete your pool coping, Customed Tiles can custom profile your chosen tiles, to give the perfect finish to your pool.

As professional profiling and pool coping tile Gold Coast specialists, we offer competitive pricing to suit all budgets and specifications. For domestic pools, our budget range covers single thickness profiles and the popular laminated double thickness profiles. We also have an extremely safe coping solution for commercial or resort pools.

Customed Tiles have the flexibility to produce all styles and variety of stone finish for individual projects, giving your pool a stylish finish and durable surface. Contact your friendly coping tile Gold Coast manufactures to bring your pool and outdoor living area project to life!


Pool coping and profile tiles for the modern home

Customed Tiles professional coping tile Gold Coast service can cut and manufacture pool coping and profile tiles with precision cutting and finish every time! Let us help you find the perfect coping and profile solutions to fit your individual project.

Make a splash with custom pool tiles and profiles. Contact us or visit our showroom, we’re opened 6 days a week from 8 am - 5 pm.

After hours appointments

We understand that life is busy. If you’re not able to make our showroom opening hours, get in touch and we’ll schedule a time that suits you – day or night!

Durable and safe step tread

Step tread tiles allow for non-slip safe entry into the pool. They are the horizontal lined tiles on the steps of the pool and can sometimes be applied around the edge of the pool. Step tread tiles are also used outside the pool on internal and external steps.

We can manufacture step tread tiles for all areas and match them to your overall design for both residential and commercial properties.